Fibromyalgia sufferer uses Magnesium Gel to improve quality of life


Muscle tightness, muscle weakness and difficulty sleeping have all become a part of daily life for Fibromyalgia sufferer Alexis Crocombe from Leicester.

Although suspected for many years Alexis, who also suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis, was only officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2016.

Fibromyalgia, also called fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body.  As well as widespread pain, symptoms include fatigue, poor concentration and increased sensitivity to pain.   

37-year-old Alexis says “Fibromyalgia is a central nervous system condition which means things literally get on my nerves.  This includes sensory issues with noise and my sense of smell can be particularly heightened on some days.”

Fibromyalgia can impact each day differently with the weather, stress and not eating regularly influencing how the body reacts. 

The constantly changing climate and a physically demanding job in childcare as well as contending with three chronic health issues has meant that Alexis has experienced frequent fibromyalgia ‘flare-ups’.

Talking about her current health issues, Alexis said: “On a bad day I struggle to get out of bed and just getting showered and dressed is tiring.  I must plan my day around rest, food and level of physicality.  When my body is at its worst I can sleep for around 14 hours at a time.”

Alexis Crocombe 

Sleep is an area the Leicester native struggles with as pain experienced throughout the night results in plenty of disturbed sleep, Alexis says: “I have been prescribed strong pain killers in the past to help relax my muscles and enable me to sleep.

“I prefer alternative therapy methods and try to avoid medication until absolutely necessary.  As I suffer from multiple conditions I need to take so much medication I am at risk of rattling when I walk.” 

Although having previously experienced little change to her health from using magnesium supplements, Alexis won an online competition receiving a bundle of BetterYou Magnesium Flakes, Magnesium Gel, MagnesiumOil Original Spray and Magnesium Body Lotion.  Products she had seen in health stores but had never purchased herself.

After conducting online research on BetterYou products and reading such fantastic reviews, Alexis began her own magnesium routine, she describes this saying: “I use Magnesium Gel to wind down from work on an evening.  After a bath I apply the gel to my body, legs and shoulders. 

“I am on my feet all day so my legs can become particularly sore and it sometimes feels like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders but the gel works instantly, giving a warm fuzzy feeling, which reassures me that it is working its magic.

“I like the Magnesium Gel because it relaxes muscles, allowing me to get a good night’s sleep, I then wake the next day feeling fairly pain-free.”

Not limiting herself to one product, Alexis also uses the Magnesium Body Lotion when she needs a little more help with muscle tightness, usually after a swim or running session. 

Alexis concludes “BetterYou’s magnesium products have significantly improved my quality of life. I have gone from surviving on a few hours’ sleep each night to knowing that at least a couple of times a week I can get plenty of beauty sleep.

“Magnesium is not a miracle cure from fibromyalgia, but I am certainly less tired, my muscles are less tight and I am able to function normally more often”.

The body needs magnesium to maintain a state of complete rest.  Low levels of this essential mineral can lead to restless muscles that keep us awake at night.

Studies have shown that supplementing magnesium transdermally (through the skin) is an effective way to absorb this mineral. This delivery mechanism bypasses the digestive system straight into the body tissue providing a fast and effective dose directly to where it’s needed.

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