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Aloe Pura® Colax ( Colon ) Cleanse Advanced 30s
  • KShs1,270.00
Aloe Pura® Aloe Vera Gel 99.9% 200ml
  • KShs1,395.00


AloeDent® Miswak Toothpaste 100ml
  • KShs880.00
  • KShs795.00


Aloe Pura®Aloe Vera Juice 500ml
  • KShs1,690.00
  • KShs1,520.00
Optima Aloe Dent Charcoal Toothpaste 100ml
  • KShs845.00
Optima Glucosamine Joint Complex
  • From KShs1,935.00
AloeDent® Whitening fluoride free toothpaste - 100ml
  • KShs845.00
AloeDent® Children's fluoride free toothpaste - 50ml
  • KShs700.00
AloeDent®Toothpaste with Co Q10 and Tea Tree Oil 100ml
  • KShs845.00
AloeDent® Sensitive toothpaste - 100ml
  • KShs845.00