Our Story

Welcome to Healthcart

6 years ago I was in pain. My left knee started acting up and wearing even moderate heels was painful. It looked like I had no alternative but to go see a doctor until my brother suggested I try a natural alternative. I did, and it did the job.

I had worked in a distribution business in the health and beauty industry for many years but it was this personal experience that deepened my connection to the products. And more recently, I have become quite fascinated with the internet and its power.

And so, Healthcart was born.

We aim to bring to your doorstep a wide range of products under trusted brands. From vitamins to aromatherapy and natural beauty to dental care. I welcome you to have a look around and hope you too will discover a gem or two from mother nature’s pharmacy.

Assuring you of the highest level of service always. And if there’s anything you like (or don’t!) with your online shopping experience at Healthcart, I’d love to hear from you. A happy customer is a happy me! :)


Sonya Kassam


0725 155 929