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A fascinating conversation with Tali Moshe, Nairobi based nutritionist, founder of Mind, Body Nutrition interviewed by Cece Ojany-Bekhor, accredited coach for Wellness and Leadership Strategy.

Tali educates and empowers her clients to ultimately take control of their health and wellbeing.

In this podcast Nutrition, Immunity and your Health in 2020, Tali and Cece speak about:

  • Why and when would a person need to see a nutritionist

  • Our relationship with food and eating habits

  • Importance of food as a healing factor

  • About how nutrition works for (or against) us

  • How does a healthy body behave

  • The connection between our gut and health

  • How the body builds up to chronic conditions

  • Importance of detoxification

  • Considerations during the Covid-19 period

  • Keeping your immune system in optimal shape

  • Lastly, where do you start off with a healthy lifestyle

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Nutrition, Immunity and your Health in 2020


Image by 
silviarita from Pixabay