Health Benefits of Kyolic Aged Garlic

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates famously stated this and used to prescribe garlic for several health ailments. Egyptians used to worship garlic, it was also used as a form of currency and folklore held it to be an effective vampire repellent.

Keep the Doctor Away?

Consuming garlic for health reasons might help keep the doctor away, and not just because of the effects of “garlic breath”. Garlic is a highly researched herb and its benefits include:

- Reducing overall and LDL cholesterol levels
- May reduce blood pressure levels
- Strengthens immunity
- Unique, high strength antioxidant
- Anti-fungal properties
- Helps maintain a healthy level of probiotic bacteria in the gut
- Can be effective in suppressing cancer risk
- Supports liver health and detoxification of pollutants and heavy metals

When garlic is chopped or crushed it releases sulphur compounds which contain its health benefits. Allicin is the compound that is responsible for the odour of garlic but is unstable and only present immediately after the cutting or chewing garlic. The water soluble S-allyl compounds are found to have several medicinal benefits and are readily absorbed into the circulatory system.

Kyolic Aged Garlic

Not all garlic supplements are alike.

Kyolic Aged garlic is produced from organically grown cloves cold aged for 20 months to produce sulphur containing compounds including s-allyl cysteine and S-allyl mercaptocysteine.

Although garlic is soaked in alcohol for 20 months, there is no alcohol in Kyolic garlic supplements. [1]

Aged garlic is odourless because it does not contain the compound allicin.

“The supplement Aged Garlic Extract can reverse the buildup of deadly plaque in arteries and help prevent the progression of heart disease” - Journal of Nutrition [2]

Water-soluble constituents such as S-allylcysteine (SAC) and S-allyl mercaptocysteine (SAMC) may have anti-tumor effects and can suppress the risk of breast, prostate, bladder, colorectal and gastric  cancer. [3]

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  • Produced from organically grown cold aged garlic cloves
  • Contains water and oil soluble compounds
  • Odourless and gentle on the stomach
  • Unique garlic form supported by extensive clinical studies
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