Natural Remedies for Flu Season

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Cold, cough and flu season is in full force. Every other person (myself and my family included) is complaining of viral infection with sore throat, chills, fever, body aches and a horrible irritating cough that lingers well after.

The flu is caused by a virus so antibiotics are not going to help, unless a bacterial infection is also present. The virus has to work its way out of your system which can take a few days. So keeping warm, plenty of hot fluids and rest is the best prescription.

Nature has provided us with several options to help shorten the duration of colds, flu and cough. Here are some tried and tested natural supplements that may be used without the nasty side effects of medical drugs.

health cart kenya blog post flu natural remedies vitamin c

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant and helps in the functioning of immune cells. During infections Vitamin C is depleted and the immune system is compromised.

Vitamin C should be taken as a daily supplement to strengthen immunity. Supplementing with Vitamin C during a cold will reduce its severity and duration.

Health Cart Kenya Flu Natural Remedy Echinacea

Echinacea is a flowering plant and traditional remedy for colds, the flu and upper respiratory infections. In a study with 282 patients, echinacea taken at the first symptom of a cold reduced the severity of the symptoms. [1] Echinacea reduces the risk of recurrent respiratory tract infections and complications.[2]

Echinacea is effective in the prevention as well as the treatment of colds and respiratory infections.

Echinacea in tincture form is fast absorbed by the body and works most effectively. Available also an Echinacea tincture for children from age 2 years.

Health Cart Kenya Swiss Energy Herbal Lozenges

Natural herbal lozenges help with sore throats, coughs, blocked nasal passages and relieves irritations in the respiratory system. Lozenges will provide relief from cold symptoms for 2-3 hours. Swiss Energy has a traditional and tasty Swiss recipe using natural herbs and 3 different flavours.

Health Cart Kenya Blog Post Bronchosan Natural Cough Syrup

The cough is usually the last symptom to go, may persist for weeks after. Pine (or spruce) shoots have been used for many decades as a traditional remedy for dry, tickly or irritating coughs. A mystical tree worshiped in many past civilizations, the Pine tree represents immortality in the Far East due to its long life span and its peculiar sap. Bronchosan natural cough syrup is made of freshly harvested pine shoots and honey.

Health Cart Kenya Bronchosan Cough Syrup Blog Post

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