Spirulina for Children?

Tiwani Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green algae and the oldest life form on the planet. In fact, science has determined that spirulina was actually responsible for producing much of the oxygen on the planet that allowed the earliest organisms to develop.

One of the most frequently asked questions Global Spirulina Network encounters is whether it is recommended or even safe to give Spirulina to children and babies. Their answer in one word- absolutely!

Spirulina is a natural superfood, rich in amino acids (protein), vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, trace elements and anti-oxidants. Spirulina contains 60-75% complete protein that is 90-95% digestible.

Children with ADHD often have high levels of mercury, lead, and other toxic heavy metals in their bodies. Numerous studies have demonstrated spirulina’s ability to detoxify the body and reduce the toxic load on the liver and kidneys.

Here's another reason to give children spirulina every morning, rest your mind assured they have eaten their greens!

A great energy booster and immune system supporter, Spirulina also improves the digestion process and gastrointestinal health creating beneficial flora in the digestive tract. Improves respiratory function and rightly deserves the title of a superfood.

Suitable for all ages, make spirulina a part of your family supplementation routine.

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Tiwani Spirulina


Tiwani Spirulina


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Reference: 5 Good Reasons To Add Spirulina To Your Children’s Diet

Featured Photo by Kimberly Nanney on Unsplash